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At present, West Coast manages over thirty properties in five states: California, Washington, Oregon, Nevada and Arizona. The monthly rentals exceed $1,000,000. All expenses are traced on a computerized general ledger system located in our San Bruno office. Most properties receive monthly reports, others receive their reports quarterly. In either case, the owners receive a complete accounting for every dollar of rents collected and every penny spent on expenses. All expenditures are authorized by two people and complete documentation is maintained.

A sample report for one of the mobile home parks is available upon request. It shows that every expenditure is detailed in the current periodís income statement. A compuretized general ledger trial balance gives item-level tracking on every expenditure.

Insurance Program
West Coast offers park owners the option to join our blanket insurance program. This is a real cost saver and in several cases has covered the cost of the management fees charged.

We buy excellent insurance and because we buy so much of it we get excellent prices. Our policy has a $10 million liability limit, offers coverage for flood and earthquake.

Payroll, Payroll Taxes, & Benefits
We run a legitimate payroll. All employees are on payroll and have a deduction for social security tax, income tax withholding and workers comp. We deal with all the questions involving payroll.

Many park owners are surprised to find that their workers comp costs decline when they switch to West Coast. This is because we already have employees in the state in question and we are able to avoid the excessive minimums that often penalize single park owners.

Because of our size we are able to offer full time employees medical insurance, 401K plans and other benefits necessary to keep good employees in todayís market. Very few employees quit and it is not uncommon for West Coast to have 10 year employees.

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